It Is Well

And she went up, and laid him on the bed of the man of God,
and shut the door upon him, and went out. 2Kings 4:21

The Shunammite woman had lost her only son who had been given to her as a special gift of God. She held him dead in her arms. What could she do? She had a consecrated room where she entertained the prophet of God. She took up her precious burden and she went up there.

How blessed it is to be able to go up to the secret place of the Most High and to bring our troubles under the shadow of the Almighty! This is the place of refuge where the weary, helpless and heart broken find relief.

“And she. . . laid him on the bed of the man of God.” This is a beautiful picture of committal—laying our trouble, our business, our whole way over on God.

“Commit . . .trust. . . and He worketh” Psalms 37:5

This poor bereaved mother was laying her burden on the Lord and leaving it there. That is one of the most difficult things to do: to leave our burdens with the Lord after we have placed them there.

“And shut the door . . . and went out.” The temptation is not to shut the door. We still see out trouble; we still handle it; we go over it again and again; we think our presence is needed, while His presence is more than sufficient. It takes faith to “shut the door” and go out. It takes real confidence for us to let the matter that is troubling us pass entirely out of our hands into God’s hands. In no other way can God fully work.

The corn of wheat must be hidden from the eyes of man if it is to bring forth fruit! This Shunammite woman committed her dead son entirely to God and went out, shutting the door. No wonder that she could then say when questioned regarding her son, “It is well.” There is no safer place in all the universe in which to leave our loved ones than in the hands of God. No
matter that she received her dead son back to life!

We certainly believe, also, that in every burden, trial, or care, which we thus fully leave with God, and for which we fully trust Him, He will work above all we ask or think.

And she answered, It is well. 2Kings 4:26

Trust God for your day…Today


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