Thursday mornings you’ll find me sitting in my driveway with tables of veggies to sell. I’ve done this for 4 weeks, I’m not too busy; most of the people who live around here have their own gardens, Some will stop though to pick up something their garden isn’t producing yet. I received $30-60 a week for my efforts. I’ve met neighbors, said Good Morning to walkers and bike riders, and waved to many, many cars and trucks.

I’ve also had time to meditate with God.
This Thursday I sat down with my coffee and peach tea bread (homemade, thank you) my meditations went something like this:

God, as my friend, will you join me this morning? Sit with me and visit,
share with me the beauty you have made.
nourish me as a careful dietitian
walk with me today as a friend
guide me as one who has trod this way before
teach me as one who knows the scriptures
shape my thoughts as the master potter

Thank you for:

Rest and security as being watched over as a child (God was up all night)
Beauty all around for God is the creator
Veggies the farmer planted and watered and God gave the increase
Kittens that visit, on the sixth day they were created and God saw they were good
Taking all my cares as the weekly garbage collector
Listening as a compassionate counselor, just letting me talk,
knowing as I clear out the rubbish, I will find His way clear
Lighting my path one step at a time
For being surrounded by fiery horses and chariots
For loving me as the lover of my soul

And God said, “I AM THAT I AM”.

Come join me some time it’s good to talk with a friend.

Trust God for your day, ….Today

2010 0812 - Mom


About Margaret

Just a girl going through this life, one step at a time.
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